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Our objective is solely about having a good time! We are dedicated to helping single men that want to energize their life by traveling to exotic locations to establish new friendships with like minded & adventure seeking men and erotic women.

Travel Buddies

Meet New Guy Friends! (Travel Buddies)

Recognizing the importance of "MALE BONDING", we organize travel events where you can attend solo and meet new like minded friends, OR choose to bring your current buddies so you can share in the camaraderie with old and new friends alike. Our clients range in age from late 20's to early 60's and come from many "walks of life." It's our pleasure to see our clients build new healthy friendships with other single guys.


Dinner With New Friends

Meet New Girl Friends!

Dating and socializing with women is an essential part of a man's self image! We know that many men find it difficult to meet new girl friends. So we specialize in going to destinations that have a large percentage of women looking for male companionship both casual and intimate. Making new friendships with women in other countries is easy. Being "foreign" gives you the advantage of being different than what they're used to. It makes you "special" and desirable just because you are something new, exciting and mysterious.

Rafting Adventures

Experience New Adventures!

Getting "Out of the Box" when it comes to new experiences is essential in energizing your life! During our events (no matter what your age) we encourage you to participate in our many exciting group activities. We go whitewater rafting, rappelling in a rainforest, big game fishing, drive ATV's to the top of a volcano, Trek thru the jungle to observe or photograph local wildlife, and a host of other activities designed to stimulate your senses. We also encourage you to invite one of the local women (that you will likely have met at our social events) to accompany you!

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